Saturday, January 17, 2009

My freak out in Aldi's

Today, amongst the long list of things I needed to take care of I decided to go to Aldi grocery store. I haven't been to Aldi's in a long time, about a year. It was right by 2 other stores I needed to go to.

Let me back up...since the spring I have done my best to eat real food. Nothing packaged, boxed, canned, or food like products. I've been cooking from scratch and eating from the garden. I had read Animal, Miracle, Vegetable, and the 100 mile diet last winter and those books opened my eyes to what food really is. I'm not a fanatic. I eat what people cook for me but when I shop I buy real food. I didn't realize how ingrained this has been for me until I tried to shop in Aldi's.

I got my cart and started down the isles. I picked up this and that, mostly packaged foods that I haven't bought in a year. As I continued to shop, I started feeling like yuck! I don't want to eat any of this stuff. Yuck don't they sell real food here? I had my moment when I was in the frozen food section looking at BBQ ribs in a box. It was then and there that I realized, I didn't want any of this food. I didn't have much in my cart so I just pushed it to the side and walked off and out to my car, with the quarter still in the cart. I got in my car and went home.

I, my friends, am a wacko. And I'm ok with it. Somewhere between cooking from scratch and picking up my farm produce over the past year I've come up with a standard that I can't sink below. No matter how hungry I am I'd prefer a banana and cheese for dinner to bbq ribs in a box. So I'm sticking with my regular grocery store where I can buy what I want and dream of the garden that will be here before I know it.

This is the year I'm starting the strawberry patch!

Oh, and my sincerest public apology to Joy #2 who in fact did not misplace the camera but instead found it under a cushion of the chair. Pictures to come!


Debbie said...

That's fantastic! I wish I'd rather eat real healthy food than the stuff in the box! But I tell ya, I try and try...but I just can't make that boxed stuff seem gross...soooo's my reward treat after being good for awhile and cooking real food!
I'm so excited now for our garden this summer....going to plant EVERYTHING!!!

Wool Winder said...

Please explain what you mean by leaving the quarter in the cart. Do you have to pay a quarter to use the cart, then get it back when you return it? I'm just guessing, because we don't have that here.

Glad the camera turned up!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Glad to see that you are a convert! Welcome to the club!

Rae said...

That's awesome, really. I read AVM this summer too and found it very compelling. It's tricky in the dead of winter to buy something that isn't shipped in from Chile though. That's the part that gets me...but in the end the fresh stuff is better for you than the processed anyway.

Looking forward to seeing how the strawberry patch turns out!!!