Monday, October 8, 2007

Prayer Meeting Tonight Oct 8th

For those of you who are unable to attend here are the notes for Week 1.

Becoming a praying parent, grandparent, teacher or friend.

Our Goals
Have thoughtful time in prayer.

Set aside time daily to cover the children in your lives in prayer. Prayer journal, book of prayers, pray out loud, visualize. Whatever works and keeps you connected to God.

Watch for change.

Pray when you discipline.

Lean on God as your other parent.

Prayer partner to keep you on track, preferably someone in your lifegroup.


List three traits you see as your child’s best qualities.

List the three biggest concerns you have for your child.

Does your child have any negative character traits that need to be covered in prayer? If so list.

Is there anything you would like to change in yourself or the way you parent, grandparent or teach? Additionally pray for unconditional love that smoothes all the rough places, heals wounds, and covers weaknesses.

What do you desire for your children? Are these the same things God desires for them? Galatians 5:22-25

Use these lists to develop your "prayer plan of action for the week".

Areas of Prayer to cover our children

Release control unto God
Protection from Harm
Feeling loved and accepted
Establishing an Eternal Future
Honoring parents and authority
Resisting Rebellion
Attracting godly friends and role models
Develop a hunger for the things of God
Being the person God created
Following Truth, rejecting lies
Instilling the desire to learn
Identifying God-given talents
Staying attracted to holiness and purity
Freedom from fear
Receiving a sound mind
Inviting the joy of the Lord
Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and other addictions
Rejecting sexual immorality
Finding the perfect mate
Walking in Repentance
Breaking down ungodly strongholds
Seeking Wisdom and Discernment
Growing in faith

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