Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh the drama of a new faucet.

I woke up this morning to water all over my kitchen floor. My faucet has been at the leaky stage for oh, a year but only recently did it start leaking down the sprayer underneath the sink. I tried some duck tape and a bucket. That lasted about a week. So I decided I would bite the bullet and get this sink fixed. I went online and watched a lovely YouTube video of how to install a kitchen faucet. It looked easy and doable.

Next, I went to the local hardward store for tools and with my promise I'd be back to purchase a new faucet and whatever else I needed. They were so encouraging. Changing a faucet is no big deal for them but they were just as excited at the prospect of me doing it myself as I was. Love Gronis hardware!

I get home, tools in hand and tackle the hard part. Dismounting the faucet that has been attached to my sink since, oh before I was born. I'm guessing the 60s. No easy feat, though I was making progress. That was until I started to feel sick. Apparently, I cannot lay on my back and work above my head without wanting to throw up. It was taking forever because I would work for 10 minutes and lie down for 15 minutes. When I realized it would be midnight before I'd even got the old fixture out I called Papa. Thank goodness for family members who are retired and home during the day.

Papa came over and finished unhooking the old faucet in about 20 minutes. A much quicker pace than my sick stomach would let me work at. I headed down to Gronis's for my new faucet and supplies. Papa told me that putting the new one in is much quicker and I should be able to handle it even with my stomach upset. And he was right. It went in very smoothly. I had to take my time tightening the lines but it was all working out! I was so proud of myself. It only took me all day it seemed but I would have a new faucet!

And then it happened. I was tightening the last supply line to the water source and I heard a crunk. The pipe under the sink broke off. Ugh. I ran downstairs to turn off all the water to the house and sighed. Then I called my plumber and proceeded to tell him my triumph of replacing my own faucet and the derailment of that joy by the pipe busting. He was able to get over to my house quickly and soon discovered that the pipe in question was barely attached to whatever it was supposed to be attached to. He fixed it then tested my faucet. It worked!!! He said that if he would have installed the faucet the pipe would have done the same thing so I should ignore the pipe issue and having to call him and be proud of myself. After all, all he did was fix the pipe and keep water out of my basement. I on the other hand installed a functional kitchen faucet.

I was about to take a picture and then decided that I was walking on the line of crazy. Who takes pictures of their kitchen faucets?


cinnamongirl93 said...

Hey you should have taken a picture! I was looking forward to seeing the climax of your adventure!
I'm so proud that you did it yourself! Great job! Excellent! Can you tell how excited I am for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

Soooo, Your whole family is handy with tools!?!?! :-D I betcha it's a fantastic should totally take a picture :-) would you like to all come over to my house to paint :-)

leah said...

You should have taken a pic! I am so impressed! I don't think I would have the courage (not sure why not!) Congrats on learning a new skill!!!

Wool Winder said...

I'm impressed! I have never attempted anything like that. Go ahead and take a picture. We want to see the new faucet.

Ellen said...

That's so great you were able to put a faucet in! I'm not very savvy in these areas, so I'm really impressed!