Monday, February 2, 2009

Finish, Progress, Started

Finish: I've finished a tea scarf for my friend Shay. We had Joy #1's sweet 16 party at her family home. She was such a big help at the party that I wanted to make her something. That and the fact that the Christmas goodies I made her never got to her and we had to eat them before they went stale. :)

Progress: I picked this lovely up again this weekend. I worked on it for hours on Saturday and am now at the back neck decreases. Sadly, this knitting needs focus and I won't get a chance to focus on it again until next weekend. I'm also really hoping it fits!
Started: Boot Socks for Joy #2 for Valentine's Day. I'm using Knit Picks Swish. It's very weird knitting socks in worsted weight. I'm not sure I like it at all. But you can't make boot socks out of fingering weight yarn. Here's hoping I get them done by V-Day!


Debbie said...

I am honestly amazed everytime I look at that sweater/vest..
it's beautiful! I can't wait to see you wearing it :-)

I think I might like worsted weight socks...since I'm so slow at regular socks :-)

leah said...

I can't believe how awesome the sweater looks! Amazzing!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Lots of great progress. The vest is so colorful and beautiful. I can see what you mean by total focus.It looks so hard!