Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What I can do. What I can't do.

Things are great here. Busy but great. This tax season is different than all the rest. Mostly because I'm working a weird schedule so that I can continue to fulfill my commitment out at Snow Creek. The ski season will be over by March 15th so I only have about a month let of this. Because of the weird schedule and just overall business of work I've come to the conclusion that some things have to fall by the wayside. And honestly they make me pretty sad.

  • I can eat, but I can't cook dinner. We've been eating out or fending for ourselves. I miss real food. My mom has brought me lunch and dinner a couple of times and that was great.
  • I can only knit about 4 rows a week. This is a total bummer. So no project will really get worked on until after March 15th. I really miss my knitting.
  • Housework is out of the question but as a collective we've been able to make sure the laundry is mostly done weekly and the kitchen has gotten cleaned once a week. My house smells like stinky dog but once you're there for awhile you get used to it.
  • Homemade V-day gifts were a crazy, unrealistic idea.

Other than having to curb anything domestic related things are swell. Really, I'm living a man's life right now only he would come home to a clean house with dinner on the table. I've only got time for work and for family and that's all I need. I have no guilt whatsoever that my house is dirty. Only a little sadness for not having enough time to enjoy homemaking. And here is the difference from me and many other women out there. They beat themselves up for not getting to it all. I accept the fact that my time is well spent providing for my family and as long as I get to enjoy my kids I could care less if the dog chewed up a styrofoam cup and it's been laying on the landing for 4 days. It's obviously not bothering anyone else or else they would have picked it up right?


leah said...

It sounds like you have a great perspective on it all!

Debbie said... have the best attitude...I love it. And just made me feel a little less guilty for going to sleep instead of vacuuming... zzzzzzzzz

cinnamongirl93 said...

It seems like the time is speeding up even faster for me. I lnow what you mean. I'm sure you will get back on track after the ski season.
I really would love to see pictures of your blocked hemlock blanket when you get time. Your work really inspired me to want to knit one.

Wool Winder said...

I'm sure it will nice when things slow down a bit, though.

meredithr said...

Jen-you have a great outlook on life and I wish I could share it. I constantly feel overwelmed and stressed because of my high expectations(as well as others).