Sunday, June 15, 2008

She's gone and she took the camera

Joy #1 left this morning for the first leg of her summer trip. She is at Soul Quest at York College for the next week. This is the second year of her attending Soul Quest. The kids really look forward to it. They get to stay in the dorms, hang out, have fun, and enjoy christian fellowship. There is independence accompanied by the right amount of supervision. Of course they have chapel, classes, and fun time.
After Soul Quest Joy #2 and I will join her out at Nebraska Youth Camp where she will be a counselor for grade school girls for two weeks. Joy #2 will be a camper for two weeks and I will be a Bible teacher for a week. We leave Saturday. I am so looking forward to camp. I love it out there. I love the environment, the kids, and as luck would have it the staff for the week I'm out there are all good friends. I'm looking forward to some quality girlfriend time.
I'm so glad that even as an adult I still get to go and play at camp! I highly recommend volunteering your time out at your local church camp. It is refreshing, refilling, and just plain fun.


cinnamongirl93 said...

I am so glad for the kids to attend camp. My kids attened Camp Awana as kids and always loved it.
They will be building their faith and friends for life.
I think it's so fun that you get to attend too! I'm sure you will have fantastic friend time too! Enjoy your week!

Wool Winder said...

Church camp is a great experience! My kids loved it. I never went as a counselor, which I think was wise for me. I'm don't function well on lack of sleep and I know there is little sleeping at camp. Enjoy your week!