Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Back!

Joy #1s cabin-WimihiJoy #2's cabin Mohawk My temporary cabin (I'm the tall one) Tanda
Mohawk leading chapel, Joy #2 led the prayer
Camp was a great time. I was the teacher for Bible 1, the more academic or thought provoking study. Bible 2 is all hands on. It all went really well. The best class I taught was one Thursday when I had each table make bread. That would be 94 kids making whole wheat bread and it worked out to about 12 loaves. Each ingredient had a lesson to it; whole wheat-Jesus is our sustenance; yeast-sin in the world;salt-we are salt of the world etc. It was hard work and my arm muscles had quite the workout but it was a good lesson and they got to eat the bread at our special evening that night. Everyone liked the bread too.

I also took over as a counselor one day. One of the counselors had to go to a funeral and instead of dividing the girls into other cabins for the day I stepped in to play the role. It was fun getting to know the girls in that cabin even better than I had in class. I played and tried to be fun, hence the mud sliding picture. Actually, I had always wanted to go mud sliding and I was excited at the opportunity. The best counselors are the ones who play and do everything the kids are doing. Our camp is full of those kinds of counselors. It is expected.

So much more to say but, I need to suck it up and go back to work. Life is good, camp is good and after 1 whole day of sitting and doing not much I am recovered. oh, and the afghan is 99% done. I'm debating adding another color row. I ran out of the blue but I think I'd like to finish it up the way I started it. So I'll stick with 99% for now. Well, I'd rather be playing than dealing with the 559 emails in my work folder but life must go on. Chat more later.


Wool Winder said...

The kids must have loved it when you went mud sliding with them! Who gets to wash the clothes?

Debbie said...

That looks like soooo much fun! I just love the mud picture!

oh, and we finally have internet at the new house...woo hoo...

I better not let it distract me for too long..but seriously...I need to post something! ha!

cinnamongirl93 said...

How lucky to have mud facials on you vacation!
You muct to proad that your kids helped to lead service! That's awesome.
I look forward to seeing you shots of your afghan. How did the knitting lessons go? Is there another knitter in the world?