Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring List revisited

March 26th I wrote a list of what I wanted to do this spring. Let's revisit and see what I am lacking.

  • Take Joy #2 fishing (and beg/bribe Joy #1 to come along) We have gone once and I have yet to get Joy #1 to come. Joy #2 has puttered around the creek with his poles but not much else.

  • Picnic dinner by the river (Missouri) Not yet but we have done some Missouri river watching thanks to the trails we have hit.

  • Start herb garden and plant hollyhocks Yes and yes! The hollyhocks went in this weekend and the garden is great!

  • Walks in the evening Not even once

  • Candlelight snack at dark and watch the stars (if you have seen Stardust something similar to when Tristan & Victoria are looking at the stars) No but I have thought about it. And I did buy the fixings for smores. I've had about 4 smores over the weekend thanks to my gas stove.:)

  • Schools out party in our backyard for the neighborhood kids Ha, what an over achiever I can be. Dream on, next.

  • Build cardboard castle in the yard Too much rain and not enough cardboard. But I have been thinking about the tee pee I wanted to make last year. Now is the time.

So to recap, take Joy #2 fishing. Go on some walks before 90 degree weather gets here. Plan the star gazing night and dig up items for the tee pee.

One thing I didn't list but we have done a couple of times is walk /hike trails. We have hiked trails in 3 different parks in the past month. Every time was enjoyable!

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Wool Winder said...

I think walks/hikes in parks take the place of walks in the evening. Much more fun too!