Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 3 without the kids

I have been alone in the house for 2 days. Well, alone except Gracie the dog, but she doesn't talk much. Some folks may be under the impression that I am lost without Joy #1 & #2. Not really. I am perfectly fine being at home alone. It is quiet and I like it. I like only being in charge of myself. Now I am perfectly fine being alone because my kids are out having a great time at camp. They are not even thinking twice about me because they are so busy. There have been very few times where both Joy #1 & #2 have been gone at the same time. This is the 2nd extended amount of time that I can think of. Last time was when Gran & Papa took them to Disney World in 2005 for 9 days (or something like that). I also think that because the camp uploads pictures daily helps. I see what they are doing and they look happy and healthy. Actually, I'd love to be out there this week too, but there is no one to do my work when i am gone. Sigh.

And true to myself. I haven't done much other than watch a few movies and finish the afghan (pictures next week when the camera gets back). Of course it has only been 2 full days and I needed one to recover. I did wash dishes last night which is more than the night before. Man I can be lazy here at home. If you could have seen me at camp I could redeem myself. Oh well.
Time for more coffee and to think about getting ready for work. I live a really good life.


Debbie said...

You finished the afghan! I can't wait to see it...love those colours...love them!

Wool Winder said...

You probably need the quiet time for recovery purposes. A week alone with no one to feed but yourself and the dog can be better than real vacation. Enjoy!