Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Time Like the Present

Tracy's post inspired me. There are a lot of activities I like to do with the kiddos in the spring. Most of the time they are just thoughts in the wind but sometimes I am able to make them happen. The older Joy #1 gets the harder it is to have that family time with all of us. Most of the time I find that it is just Joy #1 & I doing something or Joy #2 and I together. I know this is how it works. Joy #1 is much closer to being out of the nest than Joy #2. I feel that individually I get enough time with them but doing things together with all of us is lacking. Here are some things I'd like to do this spring.
  • Take Joy #2 fishing (and beg/bribe Joy #1 to come along)
  • Picnic dinner by the river (Missouri)
  • Start herb garden and plant hollyhocks
  • Walks in the evening
  • Candlelight snack at dark and watch the stars (if you have seen Stardust something similar to when Tristan & Victoria are looking at the stars)
  • Schools out party in our backyard for the neighborhood kids
  • Build cardboard castle in the yard

Someday these will be in my yard

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Wool Winder said...

Yes, it's time for a fishing trip. Maybe Joy #1 would enjoy being the photographer. That's what I do when my husband is fishing and that's why most of the pictures if have of him are with a rod and reel in his hands or holding a fish.