Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Blue Ribbon Event

We spent the evening browsing the Leavenworth County Fair. It has been a few years since I'd been. Up until my short break from the fair we went every year as far back as I can remember. Joy #2 and I walked around looking at all the cool stuff the fair has to offer. The items I was drawn to this year were different than when I was younger.
As a kid I remember the food, the animals, the free stuff at the booths, and the rides. As an adult I was drawn to the art, the woodworking, the crafts, the vegetables and canning (I do not remember this at all from my youth!). There was a boy last winter that demonstrated spinning to our knitting group and he had tons of fiber stuff in the fair. Hand spun, weaving, fulling, needlefelted art were just some of the items of his that wowed us. He spins on a wheel he got many years ago. Babes Fiber Starter and he's still spinning on it. This wheel is inexpensive (relatively) and made it affordable for him to get spinning. Now he sells his hand spun to those who ask for it, for money to buy more fiber I'm sure.
We may go back tonight. Joy #2 wants to watch the demolition derby. I don't know if I'm going to get out of that one since we miss the Mud Run last night!
Joy #2 buckling into the Ring of Fire.

My view from the ground, while Joy #2 is suspended upside down. We decided that it is scarier to watch than ride.


leah said...

Sounds like fun! I always loved the fair! Can't forget the funnel cakes either!

Wool Winder said...

Our county fair begins the end of September. I haven't been in years. Maybe I should go...but I'm staying off the Ring of Fire. :)

cinnamongirl93 said...

The fair looks fun. Count me out of any of the spinny rides. Glad your son loved it!