Friday, August 22, 2008


This should be the last you hear about this sweater until December. (If I remember to talk about it then) The 28Thirty sweater is finito. Well, ok, there are no buttons yet but that is normal around here. The sweater I designed for myself last tax season still has no buttons. Doesn't really stop me from wearing it either. But I will sew buttons onto this bad boy.

See the tiny amount of yarn left over. It was a close one!

This sweater is a bday gift for Joy #1. I have been working on it in front of her non-stop and sneakily showed it around at knit night last night with her one row over. I used Peace Fleece worsted wool in Hemlock Poasja colorway. It really is beautiful. It will be super warm when she needs it. Which will be anytime she's at home since I'm not sure we will even be able to afford gas this winter. :)

Joy #2 was in just the right mood this morning to model it. He's been watching me knit this too the past month, never inquiring about it. when I asked him to wear it this morning he said, "Why is it for Joy #1 (ad libbing)?" I did not give a direct answer but he knew.

I really like the pattern. It was easy and full of great details. I am kind of kicking the idea around of making my neice one too. Not at least until October though. I'm not a fan of working on the same pattern over and over again. Although now that I say that I am reminded that I just ordered yarn for a beret and mittens for her. I think I'll stick to that plan.


leah said...

She is going to love it!!! I'm glad you had enough yarn...cutting it that close would have made me very nervous!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! Again....Wow!!!! It turned out great! I love the pattern. I love the color. I love the yarn. It's a hit!
You did a wonderful job on it. I'm glad you had just enough yarn. That was a close one!

Ellen said...

Great job! This is a really cute knit! :)

Debbie said...

It looks great! I just got back from vacation...and I see you've been up to much!

I got a copy of the book..and finished was fantastic! I might have to read the whole series again!