Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Post 100:And I didn't think I was chatty...

Progress has been made on 28thirty sweater for Joy #1's sweet 16. It's like I'm talking in code. Anyway, the body is done and I've moved on to the sleeves. It is a testament that my children really have no interest in any knitting I do because I've been knitting on this thing in front of Joy #1 and she hasn't even asked what I'm making. No comment at all. They do the standard ohh and ahh when I finish something but other than that nada. So it's been really easy to make this for her birthday right in front of her. I had the neighbor girl try on the sweater once I was past the arm holes to make sure the fit would be right. She didn't even ask me any questions. I guess everyone in a 1 block radius of my home is desensitized to my knitting. This is why I blog and participate in the local and online knitting community. People who I can share my craft with without force. :)

A thought hit me the other day...I am strong enough to hold back this sweater for her birthday? Will I cave when the weather turns cold or she wants to go shopping for winter clothes? Right now I would totally cave so I'm going to have to make it and wrap it. And then pray for strength.
When it is done I think I'll have my niece model it so I can show you the final product before December. No reason you all should have to wait!


Debbie said...

Post 100..really...congrats! I'm so glad you're chatty!

That's going to be a great sweater for Joy#1. Sooo funny that you can knit it in front of her.

Harold is somewhat interested in what I'm knitting (or pretends to be) because if I'm knitting, he can watch a lot more football than if I was fully concentrating on the television :-D

leah said...

Congrats on 100 posts!!!! I think wrapping the sweater will be a good idea to help you save it. I love working all year on Christmas gifts and then distributing them all at once. Not sure why but I find it fun. The sweater is looking super (love the color) I'm glad you have someone to test the size on!

Wool Winder said...

I laughed when you said everyone within a one block radius was desensitized to your knitting.

Be strong. You have to wait until her birthday.

Ellen said...

Congrats on post 100! I'm excited to see your finished sweater, it's looking great!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! 100 posts! Fantastic!
The sweater is so pretty. I'm sure Joy#1 will love it on her birthday.
I know what you mean by non knitters. Blogging is a great way to find inspiration and also validation.