Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas List

I've been looking at my Ravelry queue and checking it twice. Since my main gifts for family will be jelly and marigold related I don't have much Christmas knitting. Or so I though. I don't usually knit Joy #1 or #2 anything for Christmas but I think that it is time to start a new tradition of handmade.

Joy #1 is getting her birthday sweater (which still needs buttons sewn on). Her birthday is on Christmas but that isn't Christmas knitting, it's birthday knitting.

Both kids have requested knitted items over the past couple of months just in passing. Joy #1 wants a pair of knucks. Actually Joy #1 and the girl across the street both want a pair of knucks. I had almost forgotten about the request until I remember that I ordered the yarn for not just 2 pairs of knucks but 3. I thought Joy #2 would like them too. So I will be knitting up 3 pairs for the holidays. Doable yes, but I don't usually enjoy knitting the same thing over and over again. I'll have to push through this one for the greater good.

Joy #2 requested a pair of socks. I was unsure at first because I know these socks will only last a month or more because he is so hard on socks and with his wide feet it would take some fiddling to get the right fit. I trolled around ravelry and found some I could get excited about. Slytherin house socks. I have Charmed Knits already and they have the pattern already worked out to fit wide men's feet. I was kind of torn between gryffindor socks or slytherin. Everyone wants to believe that they are Gryffindor and yes there are 2 gryffindors that live in my house but Joy #2 is just Slytherin through and through. Being in Slytherin house is not bad, I mean Snape turned out... well I won't go into it in case you haven't read all the harry potter books. Needless to say I'm making slytherin socks and they are green with silver stripes which will go with more things than gold and crimson.

I'm also inspired to make some Holiday decorations. I've seen some really cute stuff out there in blogland. Easy and nice. I usually don't decorate anything but the tree. But this year I'm thinking of creating a winter forest and maybe even sending Christmas cards! That will shock everyone!


leah said...

Sounds like a good plan and a doable plan too!

Wool Winder said...

Good luck with your gift knitting. The knucks will be fun, I think.

I probably need to get started on a gift for my neighbor. Probably my only knitted Christmas gift.

Debbie said...

Nice plan, love those knucks! I'd add them to my queue...but really who am I kidding?!? :-)
I wonder which house I would belong in...hmmmmm There must be an internet quiz somewhere!

Debbie said...

There is there is...apparently lots of them...but I picked this one

I'm gryffindor..but by only two points...14 gryffindor, 12 ravenclaw,11 hufflepuff, 7 slytherin