Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Small stuff

I finished up a few things in the past couple of days. Well mostly finished!

Thursday I realized that amid all my planning for my niece's birthday knits that I forgot her mom's birthday knits. My sister's birthday is Nov 10th and I always make her something. Well, always as in the last 4 years. :) Unwilling to let my sister down with a store bought gift I casted on for the Ellen cowl using wool of the Andes pumpkin.

It's hard to tell by the picture but there is lacework between cables. I worked the stitch pattern until ran out of yarn. I think I wound up with one extra repeat of the pattern. The cowl is very warm. Now I know why everyone and their mothers are knitting up cowls this season!

Next, I jumped into Knucks number one. This pair is going to Shelby our neighbor. They are completed except for the embroidery. I think I will wait until 3 pairs are knit before I add the embroidery. I pushed myself to get these done. Knitting these will be not my most favorite knitting but they will produce great gifts. Anything with fingers is fiddly and with one pair down (not that they take much time) I feel confident I'll get the rest finished up by next week. All pairs will be knit with knit picks Telemark, my all time favorite mitten yarn. I used royal heather colorway for this pair.

Here's hoping continued success for my Christmas season knitting! Which needs to be over by December 1 cause I have too many other things to do in December!


meredithr said...

I like the gloves. I may have to make some of these. I will just add them to my endless list. I purchased the needles to start my sweater. I got Addi Lace Needles, I love them!! Congrats on the job at Snow Creek. Sounds like it will be fun. Let me know if they need anymore help. Even a sub.

Ellen said...

The cowl is very cute!
The first pair of Knucks looks great too; I agree about knitting fingers, sooo fiddly!

leah said...

Awesome! I love the cowl...cables and lace...gorgeous! I have to make a pair of gloves like that for my dad too!

cinnamongirl93 said...

You have finished a lot of projects. The cowl is so pretty. I love how it turned out. I just finished some fingerless gloves for my DH. I have yet to knit gloves with fingers. So far just thumbs. I think you will make your deadline!

Wool Winder said...

I can see the lace. Very pretty!

The Knucks are cool! Good luck getting through all those fingers.

Debbie said...

Your extensive productivity never ceases to amaze me! I love everything...but you just keep making me add to my queue...

Awww well, I got H to renew the library card...so I got Eragon back...let the knitting begin!...well..Let the knitting get faster!