Saturday, November 15, 2008

Santa's Workshop

Knucks #2 are done! These one's will be my favorite. I like the charcoal color and they look very manly. Perfect for Joy #2. The final pair will be on the needles shortly. I've had a hard time taking pictures. Even though I've been working on them in the open, I don't want to ask anyone to try them on for fear of questions. I shouldn't be afraid though, I measured Joy #2's foot a few days ago. He was sitting in a chair, playing Runescape on the computer. I just walked up and measured not saying a word and neither did he. Either he knew what I was doing or he was so engrossed in his game he did not care. Once again, everyone is desensitized to my knitting and it is working out in my favor.

PS, Like the new blog look?


Debbie said...

Nice knucks!

I still get sighs when I measure Harold for anything...he's learned that this doesn't mean much...I'm so unproductive that it rarely results in anything :P

I do like the new blog look! Good thing you mentioned it...I so often read through google reader, that I often do see what peoples blogs actually look like :-(

leah said...

Love your title!! I feel like an elf right now too!

Wool Winder said...

I wasn't sure I was in the right place when I landed on your "new" blog. I like the background, but it's hard to read the links. The color they are highlighted in is so close to the background color they disappear. At least that's how it is on my monitor. It may look different on yours.

You're ripping right through the Knucks. Another nice pair!

cinnamongirl93 said...

I love the gloves! Very nice. Santa sure has been busy!
The blog looks great. I love the layout. The colors are pretty too!