Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moving right along to Christmas

The marigold seeds drying on my table seemed a little weird to me at first. It almost seemed like I had crossed some line. I'm not really sure what line that is but I have crossed it. I have a HUGE envelope full of marigold seeds. Enough that I think I could reestablish the earth with marigolds in the event of some marigold disaster.
I can't wait to make up some cute envelopes and spread the Christmas joy via little envelopes of Jennifer's Giant Marigolds.
I finished the Turn the Square hat number 2 for my nephew at college. I am going to go ahead and send it to him in a care package. No point in waiting for Christmas.
And for wondering minds...Yes! 4 inches of afro will fit inside a turn the square hat written as is. Joy #2 is testing the sizing out on his own nogging and afro.
And this..I picked up this project I started earlier this year. It is an advent calendar of sorts. I loved this one so much that I knew we needed one of our own. The hard part will be decided what to put inside. I'm thinking notes, riddles, stuff like that.
And I'm thinking up some creative gifts I want from the Joys! Like a 30 minute sit down dinner every night from Dec 1- Dec 25th where we can open the advent goodies, eat dinner, and just be together without anyone rushing from the table. I hope they buy into it. I can almost hear Joy #1 saying nah, we'll just buy you something from the store. :) Teenagers...
And speaking of children...Joy #2 is in the kitchen cooking up rock candy. Hot boiling sugar water poured into glass jars. Never a dull moment!


cinnamongirl93 said...

You sure are a busy gal. Lots of things going on. Lots of handwork!
I am hoping that I may be lucky enough to get an envelope of Jennifer's Giant Marigold seeds!!! Please, pretty please with sugar on top! Big grin!
The advent calander sounds like a great idea. What a nice way to slow down and enjoy the special season of Christmas.
Love the hat too!

Debbie said...

Hahah! I stared for a long time trying to figure out what the picture was of before I allowed myself to scroll down...nope I didn't guess that it was Jennifer's Giant Marigold seeds :-)
The hats both look great!
Hope the candy turned out are a productive family!
(I really did finish one sock this weekend...finally:)

Wool Winder said...

Creative gifts are the best in my opinion. I hope you get just what you want for Christmas.

Ellen said...

I love the idea of sending the Giant Marigold seeds for Christmas!
The advent calendar will be so cute, Christmas projects are so much fun! :)