Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Admist the Bad

My new laptop and docking station arrived yesterday a little before 11 am. That should be the good news. The bad is that I worked non stop on the set up until 8 pm when I dragged myself home. Here's the short, issues with scanner, issues with network printer, bluetooth mouse & keyboard don't work (they are sending me a replacement), and I in my brillance lost my inbox. Now before you think that I hate my new laptop I don't. I don't even think it is the manufactures problem (minus the bluetooth stuff). I am convinced that if I were to have set this up on April 20th it would have been good to go in 20 minutes. Ok maybe 40. This was a test of my character. I will say that I did not curse, throw a fit, or be mean to the support people. I was irritated beyond belief but kept my cool and tried not to let it affect the office. Today is a new day and if I can't figure my printer and scanner problems I'm just going to call a tech guy to do it.

More good...sock is fabulous. Pictures to follow! I am ready for the first heel.
Even more good...Joy #2 pampered me when I got home last night. He propped me up on pillows in my bed. Brought up hot tea on a candle lit tray for us to enjoy while playing a calm game of chess. I won! First game I have ever won again him or ever (I'm new). I don't think it counts though because I have a sinking suspicion he let me win. He did a good job of making the game last though. Good kid that one!

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Debbie said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes :-(

That Joy #1 just sounds so sweet! What a nice thing to do! How do you keep from just hugging him constantly!

*Mammmmmmm lemmmme gooooo...moooommmmm..I gottta go ta skoool mommmmm*