Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Did you know that today is Wednesday NOT Thursday? Me either! The hours just whoosh by me and somehow I am still standing and moving forward.

I casted on last night for a pair of socks. Monkey (no purl version) in fact. I just finished the ribbing and am starting on the lace pattern. Socks that Rock really do rock. I have knit 1 inch and I love this yarn. I have been knitting a row here or there while scanning in documents and I have the urge to stop working and just knit. I fully recognize that this is the honeymoon stage with this yarn and sock. But it is a good start. I really am pulling for a drawer full of hand knit socks.

In other news my laptop screen died, which means I can't work at home or surf the web after hours. I have ordered a new laptop but probably won't get it until March 15. I'm not looking forward to switching all my stuff over. This also means picture less posts until the new laptop comes. It's too much of a pain to upload pictures here, especially when I'm going to have to move them anyway!

Well, back to the salt mines. My five minute sanity break is up! BTW Joy #1 is still in my room and I am not seeing any motivation on her part to get out. I have threatened to make it my studio if she doesn't get to moving but it still hasn't happened. She did say something about a new bed and turning back on her cell phone as wonderful motivators. I'm not buying!

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Debbie said...

Gosh...this week has gone by way too fast...but there has just not been nearly enough time to get all the work done! Ack!
That being said...I'm glad tomorrow is Friday..not Wednesday OR Thursday :-)
Hehehe, you should just start eating lot's of spicy food and farting in bed a lot hehehehe (sorry...I have a bad sense of humor) I'm sure Joy#1 would find her room sooooo inviting then :-P
I know...I'm terrible...but I'm sitting here giggling at the thought of it.