Saturday, March 1, 2008

Did you know I'm not a sock knitter?

Surprising as I have made 8 pairs of socks in 3 years. I just don't like knitting socks. The knitting is not hard and I love wearing hand knit socks but I don't enjoy knitting it. Here is the down side to this acknowledgement. Socks are great gifts and I have given away 5 pairs of those 8 as gifts. The recipients loved the socks and I loved giving them.

So with this said, why did I just purchase some awesome sock yarn? And not just any sock yarn. The cream of the crop Socks That Rock sock yarn. This yarn is raved by every knitter that has touched it. And I didn't just buy one skein. I bought 2. Ok, one is for me and one will be a gift to a friend.

Now a normal person (read non-knitter) would be wondering right now, "Why would she spend good money on sock yarn when she does not like knitting sock?". (The knitters know that great yarn can be considered art and don't have to have a purpose.) I have this theory. Maybe I have not enjoyed knitting socks because of the yarn I have used? Maybe this yarn will be so wonderful that I will want to do nothing but knit socks! And I gotta tell you, I wish my sock drawer was filled with hand knit socks because I love wearing them so much. So welcome to my experiment. I have not cast on yet because I am a one project knitter and I am working on my cardigan. But soon, very soon I will cast on and my fate will be decided. Will I have a drawer full of socks of my own creation or Wal-Mart's?


Debbie said...

Oowww, You're getting all suspenseful on me...which is good, because the library book I was going to get was out, and now I have nothing to read. I didn't really realize before that you're a one project knitter, is that why you're so productive? I don't really enjoy socks either! But they are wonderful! I also get beyond sad because I have a monstrous long toe that chews through far...I've found some nice wool/nylon socks from Sears that have held up since Christmas, but all the really nice wool ones with the pretty pattern work eventually succumb to the toe :-( I've actually never dared wear hand knit socks...only machine knits mock versions of hand knit socks...the fear of the toe is strong in me. Imagine if all this fear is for nothing...and handknit socks are actually tougher or something!

Debbie said...

Thanks for "hearting" my hat. He's been asking for updates on how many people have viewed it. etc. how cute. He's all interested in his hat picture.