Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lists are fun

  • Joy #1 & #2 & I went shopping in KC yesterday for Banner project supplies

  • Go a new book Doodle Stitching

  • Saw some interesting yarn at JoAnns

  • Had coffee at Starbucks, ice cream @ Sheridans, & dinner at Panera

  • Rented movies Stardust, Eragon, Sydney White

  • Knit 2 rows on sock

  • Joy #1 slept in her room last night. Progress without spicy food!

Saturday was a lovely day with my lovely people.

Socks that Rock, Pebblebeach, New Laptop named the Craigon


Debbie said...

What's bloglines...hmmm I should check it out. I use google reader. It lists all the blogs I read, and tells me when there is new content (when I have it open that is). I agree, I wish I could just reply to comments!

Glad you didn't have to resort to spicy foods heheheehe!

Your day sounds like fun!

I ended up putting a little knitting care package together for my friend with a coffee package, knitting needles, dishcloth cottons, and patterns, etc. oh darn...I just decided I wanted to add in that ball band dishcloth pattern from Mason Dixon...and I already got my bow to look nice...drat!

Debbie said...

That picture hadn't loaded before I commented'm in love with that yarn! nice socks!

Are you still enjoying the socks still suck even with socks that rock (sorry if suck that considered a bad word at your house? maybe I shouldn't use it...but...the alliteration was irresistible!)

Debbie said...

Yes Ma'am!

Thanks for keepin me in line...there's no telling how long that no posting lull could have gone on!


I'm so bored with my knit project right now :-(