Friday, May 2, 2008

A million and one...

...things on my mind!
  • The house really needs a good cleaning.
  • My herbs are looking pretty sad in their egg cartons! I need to finish the raised bed (Joy #2 built it I just need to finish adding the soil and plants)
  • Those Mother's Day presents are going to finish themselves
  • Food, it would be nice to have some food in this house
  • I should start a new sock before tomorrow when I go to see Dave Ramsey. That way I will already be in rhythm with the pattern and my mind will not be "focusing on two different things."
  • I need to order yarn for Joy #1's caplet but I just opened a new checking account and won't have my debit card for 2 weeks. I need to figure away around this.
  • I need to get sewing. I want to make more of my own clothes. We are going to a wedding the weekend of May 24th and I want to make my dress. I already have the fabric, pattern, and ideas in my head. I just gotta get to it.
  • Note to self, Joy #1's shrug needs to be done by wedding weekend. Once again, she's small so it's like baby clothes.

Hmm...maybe if I got off the computer I could actually complete one of these tasks. Like housework!!! Have a great weekend!


Wool Winder said...

A list like that is rolling around in my head right now too. This weekend is so loaded with events, I doubt there will be time to knit even one stitch, though I might still try.

Debbie said...

Meeee too!

My garden still isn't built.
I have the lumber...but no dirt!

I want to make lot's of Mother's Day Cards to sell at work.

I'm DEFINITELY finishing the SHAWL!!!

Hope you enjoy the seminar!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hmmmm. I'm chiming in too....Me Too! Do you think there is a way to make the days longer?
With the cold weather we have here all my plants are still in the basement growing like crazy. I want to plant!