Thursday, October 30, 2008

Turn A Square one

Turn A Square

Yarn: Noro & Cascade 220 Grey

Modifications: I started out with a cast on of 80 stitches. I read where a few people on ravlery sized down. The next one I will make as written.

For: Joy #2 and now I know why. The Noro went from grey to navy to orangish purple. The rest of the skein is a mix of green, black, and grey which will be better colors for my nephew.
Concerns: It fits me fine and Joy #2 is at school right now so I won't be able to try it on him. My concern is that his afro is so huge that it might not be big enough. It will stretch but seriously that afro is huge! At least I know that when he decides to shave his head (which he always does) it will fit.


leah said...

How do you like the noro?

Wool Winder said...

It turned out great! I bet he's going to like it.

Debbie said...

Looks great! I want to make one for H..but he's still attached to his too big and floppy Jacques Cousteau hat....ack! That thing is all ribbing..blast! I hate ribbing!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Looks great! The yarns compliment each other so well. Can't wait to see a picture with Joy #2 wearing it.