Thursday, February 21, 2008

He's Got Skillz!!

This song has been running in my mind all day. Well, except for the fact that the song's words are actually she's got skills. Anyways, it popped into my head when I came down for coffee this morning. Joy #2 was putting the final touches on the cupcakes he was decorating to take to school.

See he woke up at 6:25 am this morning, got himself dressed and went on down to the kitchen to finish up the cupcakes that we baked last night. He was taking them to school for a bake sale. Now, I am pretty sure that most moms take care of these things but not this mom. It is tax season and all I can be responsible for are the basics. In my book last minute cupcakes are not the basics. Therefore, if you want cupcakes you make them. This is no big deal around here. However, when I came down for coffee I felt a surge of pride watching my guy ice his cupcakes. And no mess to boot! I don't know where the feeling came from. Probably initally relief that I didn't have to do anything out of my normal routine and then pride because he just did it without even asking for help. It was a good feeling to have. As you parents know you have many feeling and stresses while raising your kids and every once in awhile you see a glimpse of what the child may become. Here my glimpse was responsible, self sufficient, and happy. I like that.

Then i got the look. Glimpse gone, why in the world do you need to take a picture of me making cupcakes at 6:45 am??
Help me. She is singing some song from the 90s and gushing about how wonderful I am.


Debbie said...

That expression is priceless! It's so good that your raising self sufficient people! I hope to be that kind of mom. I see so many student come through the labs (esp. boys) who don't know how to do ANYTHING.
Hehe, now maybe you could mail me a cupcake :-)

on another note...I'm getting all these crappy comments on my blog. And people have to type in those weird letters so it can't just be computer generated spam?!?!? There people just leaving links that say "Go here _link_" how weird is that...why would anyone do that?

Debbie said...

man...I clearly can't type ...or proof read today..sorry about that :-)