Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Waiting for yarn

Dinner went well Saturday evening. The house was clean, dinner was delicious, and the company was good. I ran out of yarn for the Norwegian Mitten on Sunday. I knew I was going to so I had already ordered a second ball of Telemark from Knit Picks on Friday. I really want to finish these. I think I may like them even more than the Anemoi mittens. So while I am waiting...I knit a Mason Dixon ballband warshcloth for a friend and started another pair of mittens for Joy #2. He cannot find his We call them pirates mittens and these are his skiing gloves.

He wants nothing other than stranded wool mittens to ski. Once we realized we weren't going to find the gloves before skiing Friday we went to buy gloves. We could not find any gloves anywhere. This is Feb in Kansas. Children still need gloves but I guess store sellers think otherwise. I finally found a pair of womens gloves. They were ok in a pinch but did not keep his hands warm. Last night I casted on a basic pair of mittens. I call them the rescue mittens until we can find his pirate mittens or I can knit him another pair of stranded. I am using wool of the andes and I think I will do a decorative stitch on them because they are really plain. Or I may knit the thumbs different colors.
In the meantime, Joy#2 needs to search his room because I know I saw them somewhere last week!

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