Friday, February 22, 2008

I could get used to this!

Phone call mid-morning:

Joy #1- Do we have any laundry at MeMe's?

Me- Yes, I forgot the load over there yesterday.

Joy #1- Is there more to do?

Me- Yes, all that laundry in the hall.

Joy #1- Oh, OK.


Joy #1- I was going to go over to MeMe's to work on my scrapbooking and thought I'd finish up the laundry while I'm there. By the way, I made a grocery list for you.

Me- I'll be right there!

Phone call this evening.

Joy#1- How late are you working?

Me-Around 6 pm. Do you have the laundry done?

Joy #1- Yep, I'm ready to go. Can we go by the grocery store?

Me- I'm pretty tired. Can I just push the cart and look pretty?

Joy #1- Sure.
Conversation 3 seconds ago.
Joy #1- Hey mom, the pizza I made is done. Do you want me to bring you some?
Me-Yes, that would be great!

Like I said I could get used to this! Hmm...I hope this is just love and she's not planning on hitting me up for something.


Debbie said...

WOW! How did you do that! Can you write me a book...seriously...spare no details...your Joy's are wonderful!

I have none of my own yet...but really...I'd love to can raise mine...and send em to me once they're good! hahaha I guess that would miss the point huh

Debbie said...

Hehe, you are funny. (I seem to recall doing that very thing to my parents...the screaming from the bedroom thing...huh..)
We were at a friends house last night and saw their 5 week old baby boy for the first time...very cute...very small..cried a LOT! Sounded surprisingly similar to a cat...or two cats that are angry...
Harold looked at me when we left and said "I don't know if I can handle that" alas...more waiting before children....