Sunday, February 10, 2008

You know those mittens I keep talking about...

well, they are finally done! The yarn came in on Thurday and I finished them off Friday. I really like them and I hope my sister in law will too!

Now to get to work on that baby sweater because Miss Elaina made her appearance Saturday night. And Joy #2 needs more mittens. You know that really should be my summer project! Make so many mittens that Joy #2 couldn't possibly loose or destroy in one winter season.

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Debbie said...

The mittens look fab-U-lous! If I was allowing myself to knit more than one project at a time I would be casting them on right now!

Mittens really would be great summer projects...portable, and small enough to not make you hot with all that yarn sitting on your lab...but still...I don't know if I'd find the motivation in the summer time...I'm a fickle knitter I guess. :-)