Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We woke up to slient white this morning. I don' t know how much snow (4-6"?) we got but it has covered everything. I still love snow. Even in February! School is closed and I am not even thinking about going into work for at least a little while. I'm waiting for the snow plows!

I finished Joy #2's rescue mittens. Just in time! They are chestnut with maroon thumbs. They look good but I could not get a good picture of them at all last night. This is the hand model shot. I was thinking of doing duplicate stitching on the hands but I don't know what of? I think I will just let these be and plan his next set of mittens.

I wish my knit picks order was here so I could finish my sister in law's mittens! I am on the top decreases and then one more thumb to knit. She could have used them on a day like today!

Graditude: Affordable wool and snow!


Debbie said...

It looks so pretty there...we've been hit with freezing rain, but not much snow.

Hope that knitpicks order arrives soon! And I hear ya on the affordable wool....I've come to love knitpicks...I can get nice stuff...and afford to eat too!

I was talking to a lady about a year or so ago, and I said I ordered something from knitpicks, she nearly had a fit, started yelling at me that knitpicks was "ruining the knitting industry" ha! go figure...she's a shop owner and I never did find anything in her store for less than $15 a skein...

I DO wish I could re-read some parts of these books...(but not the second was far too heartwrenching for me) The third one for sure.... I'm sort of sad that I don't have those characters around anymore...

Debbie said...

Thanks for your sweater comments. I was pretty happy with it, because I've never done a whole cabley sweater or anything before. I've pretty much been restricted to plain garter stitch and basic variations stockinette stuff until recently, when I've looked at other things and thought...well, I won't know if I can do that, unless I try it.
I started listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee - Casts Off. It's pretty entertaining, I've never read anything from her before. It's nice and light. I've worked late a lot the last month or so (and that will continue for a few more months) so I'm just loving any time I get to relax with a book and/or the knitting...

My hat is so close to done (well, not really...but the body is close to done)
I can't wait to see the finished picture of your mitts!

Oh, to live closer to the equator :-( it's dark here at 4pm somedays...but luckily the days are more like 5:30ish