Friday, February 1, 2008

Hitting the Slopes

Joy #2 will be hitting the slopes tonight and I will be hitting the lodge. He really enjoys skiing and snowboarding. This is his second season going to Snow Creek. Last year he snow boarded and this year he decided to try skiing. He prefers skiing right now so I am trying to let him do as much as he'd like and I can afford. Luckily, I have several friends that work out there and pass along lift tickets and passes as often as they can.

What I really should be doing tonight instead of sitting in the lodge is housework! I am having my small group from church over tomorrow night for dinner. 13 people have RSVP'd so far. Saturday morning I am watching the twins so I probably won't get to any housework or cooking until 11 am. No sweat right!

I started reading Square Foot Gardening last night and it is really helpful! Between our CSA and our own small patch we should eat it up right this summer. Of course I still have tons of clearing and yard work to do but every year it gets a little better.

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