Tuesday, January 29, 2008


  • Housework has not commenced. But I am inviting friends over on Saturday to force myself to get things picked up.
  • Work is moving along nicely.
  • Homeschooling is back on track.
  • We roughly have a handle on our LTC projects.
  • And I finished and blocked Norwegian Mitten #1 (which is why the house isn't clean)

Here is proof:

EZ Mitten

Messy house


Debbie said...

Worry not...that mitten is beautiful!...and my house looks MUCH worse than yours hehe :-)

Hmmmm, where's that pattern from...very pretty mitten.

Debbie said...

Hmm..Yes! I really love that mitten!

I'll be checking out the books you mentioned soon...I think I'm almost finished the 3rd book...and I'm still lost in it.
Almost finished the first row of skiers in my hat.....
Must....go...knit...more... (but I'm actually doing a load of laundry too...so...I think it's acceptable! :-)

Debbie said...

Ha! I just checked, and my library has both Pirates! and Peter and the Starcatchers...hmmm another series huh... is it bad that I'm enjoying young adult and childrens books so much when I have no children and I'm 29 years old??

Debbie said...

Yes! That's exactly it!

That's what I like so much about this series. There's the whole storyline, but it's all clean, there is very little bad language, and the most graphic thing is a kiss (adult romance is just gross, and I won't read it).
Same thing with movies...sheesh!