Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Bib

I knit this baby bib last night while listening to a book on tape (Tricksters choice). I did clean the downstairs and then started to work on this bib. Joy #2 is home now so no more worries about needing noise. Thank goodness.
Up next in my knitting queue is a crochet baby bootie. I have tried to crochet this twice. The second time went better once I figured out that the granny square instep is supposed to be the top of the foot not the heel, or bottom. It looked more like a bootie but not good enough to gift. I am hoping 3rd times the charm. I refuse to be defeated by a simple baby bootie pattern. I'm starting to think that I could have knitted a baby sweater in the time it is going to take me to figure out this pattern. should crochet this so I can ask you what I'm doing wrong.
We are going out to the farm to do our CSA pick up soon. I can't wait. Fresh produce is awesome. I'm also looking forward to putting those cute booties in Kristin's CSA box!


leah said...

Your crochet bootie pattern is adorable! We're cheering you on!

Wool Winder said...

That was quick! Cute too.

Debbie said...

I really like that crochet pattern, almost enough to suck me back into the world of crochet...except...I read the pattern.

For some reason I find crochet patterns so cryptic. With knitting, you always know where the next stitch is going to be, because it comes next on the needles, but with crochet?!?!?! Could be ANYWHERE, so confusing, my biggest problem is trying to figure out where to crochet my next stitch into...there just has to be a better way to write crochet patterns...they should all have diagrams, or better yet...videos LOL
Still if I manage to find my box o baby yarn and a crochet hook...I could be convinced :-) Since, I'm in need of quick projects for friend w babies on the way!

River Glorious said...

Try this pattern; it says how many stitches you have at the end of each round so you can check your work: