Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

Picture from NYC's website. I can tell it is their cabin. Look at the mess behind them!

  • I have a lone marigold that I started from seed. It is over 5 feet high and is just now starting to flower. Think Sunflower but it's a marigold. I planted it in my square foot garden to help keep away pest. I'm starting to think I have the greenest thumb in the world.

  • Joy #2 yesterday went on a rant about not sharing a bathroom when he is grown with any women. We have one bathroom ( well, a bath and a half) and he is always complaining about hair in the tub or in the sink. I laughed and told him his wife would be very happy not to have to share a bathroom and that not wanting to share a bathroom will make him a more desirable bachelor.

  • I ordered the yarn for Joy #1's Sweet 16 sweater.Yeay money! I chose the pattern 28thirty. Don't worry she doesn't read the blog. She thinks it is weird that I blog. Peace Fleece in a dark green, Hemlock Poashja colorway. I am looking forward to casting on for this sweater! Once again, she is so lean that it is like knitting baby clothes. Well, maybe except the sleeves. If all goes well with this sweater I may make another one for my niece who will turn 18 in Oct. Wow, I can't believe she'll be 18 that is crazy!


leah said...

I would be too nosy not to read my mom's blog even if I didn't "get" it! :)

Wool Winder said...

I wonder if the seeds got mixed up somehow. Marigolds are usually bushy plants (at least the ones we've grown), not like sunflowers at all.