Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OK, I officially miss them...

Both of my kids are gone AGAIN. Joy #2 went to Herman, MO with his grandparents last week, was home for 3 days and managed to get invited to his granddad's house in Gladstone,MO. He left yesterday morning and will be gone probably until tomorrow afternoon.

Last night I realized that I am tired of being home alone. I have stuff to keep me busy but I miss the noise. Gracie and I just aren't noisy people. (Ha, I hear you laughing out there. You know what I mean.)

I did manage to finish a pair of booties. I have 4 babies to knit for so I thought I would get cracking. I knit Christine's Baby Booties out of my left over Lorna Laces Huron colorway. I want to try crocheting some booties but I haven't found the right pattern yet. I did buy a cute bib pattern yesterday.

Well, one more night by myself. Maybe I'll go get a book on tape so it won't be quiet and do some housework. That's what normal moms do when the family is away, right? Housework.


leah said...

The booties are adorable!

Debbie said...

Those Booties are CUTE!

I'm always ok for a little while if Harold has to go on a business trip or something without me (only happens about once a year). I'm good for say 2 or 3 days, I knit, I read, I don't have to clean nearly as much because it's just me and I'm tidier :-) but then, I really really start to miss him, and then all the stuff I'm doing is just there to take up time until he comes home again.. :-)

Wool Winder said...

So cute! Love the yarn.

I'm home alone too. I'm catching up on my sleep, which I desperately need after our weekend and late night fishing on Monday.