Sunday, July 13, 2008

Built by Jennifer-Skirt Edition

I finally got around to making the skirt out of Wendy Mullin's Sew U. I picked this fabric up while thrifting and thought it would make a great summer skirt. I think I was right! I am very pleased with the pattern and Wendy's great directions. I put in my first zipper on this skirt, something I have been avoiding for awhile now. I love the fit and the fact that it matches my new sunhat! The other thing I love about the pattern is that there are endless variations. Drawstring, zippers, elastic, pockets, short, long... I'm off to plan...

EDIT 6 PM: Skirt #2 finished. Fabric and bias tape both thrifted. I started to make this one a draw string but if I want to get it over my bum nicely, this style needed a zipper. I picture this skirt as a casual skirt to wear to the beach. If there were beaches in KS of course. It falls just below the knee. Another wearable skirt!


Wool Winder said...

Love them! You are inspiring me to think about sewing a skirt. However, the first and last time I ever sewed in a zipper was when I was in 9th grade Home Ec. class. I'd have to learn all over again.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Fantastic! You look lovely in your new skirt. I would've never guessed that the fabric was thrifted. I love it! Nice work!
Also I'm glad to see you with your new hat on.
What a great and inspiring post!