Friday, January 11, 2008


This week started out peaceful and calm. All was under control and I had a sense of balance in all I was doing. And then the children revolted. Well, not both this week just Joy #1. She has been bull-headed and hmm...what's the word? Everything BUT submissive. Normally, if we have a tiff we argue respectably and come to some kind of understanding. Not this week. She has been a boulder not to be budged. Plain ol' stubborn! So like any parent I grounded her for 2 months and cancelled her cell phone. Yes, the two months is excessive and we all know that will be more like a week since I am such a forgiving, forgetful person, but I am sticking to my guns. But that phone is not coming back on. Not until she understands that we are a family that works together and is helpful to one another. One persons mood can affect the whole crew and ruin the fun. I want teamwork! I want love and respect! I want a family who pitches in and helps out one another! Do you think we could join a corporate team building event and get it all together? Or will I just have to stay the course of waiting for the teenager to realise all is not about her and while she is important and her wants are important. She is one of three people who are on this island together!

My children should bless my knitting! It keeps me from loosing it sometimes.

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