Thursday, January 3, 2008

Introduction to my girl

When did this child become so adult like? And how come she hates to take pictures when other people suggest it but she is always taking crazy self portraits? See her working it there? She doesn't do that for me! Here is my beautiful babe. Yes, she is beautiful, but more than that she has a great heart. She is very attentive. She can sit in a room full of people and notice everyone's mood, actions, and conversations in addition to carrying on her own. I have never been able to shine her on about anything. She can just look at me and see directly to my soul and know that I am not giving her all the details or just flat hiding stuff. We joke about telepathy but sometimes I wonder. We are "in tune". I love spending time with her. Yes, she is 15 and with that comes eye rolls and snarky comments more often than not but she is still so much fun. And what fun are the teenage years if you can't pretend you are in angst about something.

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