Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mittens it is!

I decided to begin another set of mittens to the ski lodge yesterday. I am here to report that I did not get gauge and forgot my other DPNs at home. So I visited with the other moms instead. But at least I have something I want to knit. I am using knit picks telemark. I will take a progress shot soon.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I use my daughters digital camera and I never have it around when I want it. I do feel the need to knit a sweater so I need to order some new yarn since I am not in love with what I ordered most recently.

I gifted my Anemoi mittens to my sister and she loves them. They really are perfect for her. The Norwegian mittens in progress will be for my sister-in-law. I really love mittens.

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