Friday, January 11, 2008

When did we become vegetarian?

After watching "You are what you eat" on BBC America last weekend. I was hooked. I wanted to eat more fruits and veggies and enjoy my meals again! So on Tuesday I took the plunge. I grocery shopped and checked out cookbooks from the library and cooked my first meal as a vegetarian. Ok, I am not really a vegetarian but I have decided to make one meat dish meal a week. Maybe a nice Saturday evening meal with meat(if I choose). Other than that it is all fruits and veggies. And it has been great fun. I have made some really good meals this week and have enjoyed dinner time. Joy #1 & #2 aren't quite on board but I do the cooking so it is either what I make or PB&J. I am enjoying it and I can't wait for meal time to try something new! And it really isn't hard. I am looking forward to participating in our CSA this year. It will be our first time and I can't wait.

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