Monday, January 14, 2008


Yesterday was just plain busy! We left for church at 9 am and didn't come home until 5 pm. Keeping these hours is a sure sign that LTC is upon us! When I did finally get home I was exhausted. I decided to rest and let everyone fend for themselves for dinner. By 8 pm I knew I was not feeling well! But I refused to let myself be too sick because I have been looking forward to Masterpiece theater for a week now! I watched Persuasion and would of enjoyed it more if I had not felt like I was going to throw up at any minute. I made it through and less than 5 minutes after the credits I was in the bathroom! I feel better today but now Joy #1 & #2 are not feeling well. I'm not sure if I am up to cooking tonight or not. Even if I do there may not be anybody interested in eating.

In knitting news, I started a cable hat in pink using Vanna's choice yarn. I am trying it out to see the quality of this new acrylic. I love wool but sometimes I need acrylic for gifts. I would like to have a go to that I enjoy to use.

Gratitude of the day: Owning my own business so if I don't feel good I don't have to go.

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