Thursday, January 10, 2008

Introduction to my boy

This one is a whirlwind. He is always moving, creating, destroying, playing. He is never still unless he is asleep and even then he moves around a lot. The energy in his mind controls everything he does. He has a huge heart and is passionate about lots of things. He is a great friend and has a lot of them. He is lucky to live in an area that is filled with boys. They are all ages and get into all kinds of mischief but have fun to no end. I do not have to entertain this one. In fact he thinks it a punishment if he has to stay in. He loves nature and to create. He does not like to follow patterns or directions. He would rather just figure it out and if it is too hard he can try it another time. His energy isn't always productive and if I could get him to recognize when to get worked up and when things are no big deal I will say job done and be satisfied. My heart is filled with love for him and I know great adventures will come his way.

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