Monday, January 28, 2008

Desperate for some organization!

I was so on top of things the first few weeks in January. Then I started the Twilight book series and everything has laid by the wayside since. I do that. Get lost in books and then half do my other responsibilities. So now I got to get cracking. Joy #2 is slacking in his schooling, dinner menus aren't planned, LTC projects aren't done, and the house is quite dirty. We need to get back to our scheduled programing before that great book series derailed me.

So tonight...No rereading favorite parts of the series. It will be dinner, clean up, and homeschool work! And maybe a load of laundry if I can get over to my moms. And those kids need to give me their proposals*!

Knitting: I do have pictures of one thumbless mitten but we can't find the camera cord. :)

*I have Joy #1 & 2 write me proposal on what they are going to do (housework wise) during tax season and how much they think this job is worth. Last year Joy #1 kept the kitchen clean and Joy #2 did the household laundry.

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Debbie said...

Ack! I thought I was the only one! I too have been derailed...and..haha by the same book series!!! (Since you mentioned it in one of your other posts, I downloaded it from the librairy) I'm on the third...and my house it dirty! And we have no groceries. I've been trying the Flylady thing (if you've heard of flylady) ....but... I get very lost in books, and the stories and emotions of people totally "catch" me.