Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Complaining!

Last night we started our Ladies bible study on complaining and we all are taking the complain free challenge. You wear a pink bracelet on one wrist and when you complain, grieve, or gossip you have to move the bracelet to your other arm. Now let me toot my own horn. I only moved it four times last night and once this morning. Last night was more sarcasm than anything and today I was driving to work. I have found myself being very quite but more thoughtful. I like a challenge and I have been working on "my tongue" for quite awhile. It is my blessing and my curse. Sarcasm is going to be the hardest thing to cut. I would like my whole family to take this challenge but it is only something you can challenge yourself on. You can't do it for anyone else.

Knitting: I got my yarn in the mail a couple of days ago but am unsure as to what to cast on for. I was going to knit Starsky but now I'm unsure. I haven't work on the basic cable hat because I have been devouring the Twilight book series. I listened to the first book over last weekend. Bought the second one on Monday and started the third Last night. I am really enjoying these books. I am going to be sad when I'm done with them!

Tonight is knit night so I'll get myself in gear to start my "tax season" knitting project.

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Debbie said...

Twilight? What's the twilight series? Hmmm I might be interested.

Actually I really want to get some good books that I can listen too while knitting (my library has some that I'm looking into...because audiobooks are expensive to buy!...but...the library has no Christian age of course...but not Christian :-(

Which lead me over to the mystery suspense section...but I just don't know what's good, and whats not worth filling my head with....

Hmmm...perhaps that was too much babble for a comment :-)