Thursday, October 23, 2008

Formulating a Plan...

My business partner and I are big into budgets. Personal and business. I live on a budget every month and it is a good thing. Knowing where my money goes and why is empowering. Self control is a fruit of the spirit after all and my budget keeps me in control. Tess (my business partner) and I have recently sat down and looked at the numbers for the rest of the year and unfortunately we are going to have to suck it in for about 3 months. "Sucking it in" in small business terms means the owners take a hit.

It would be really easy to get discouraged over the finances but if God has taught me one thing through owning my own business is that He has taken me through the lean times of those first years and He can take care of me through this season too. I'm counting my blessings. I am thankful that because of my business I am able to be a more hands on parent. My desire for being a stay at home mom is not possible but this is the next best thing. I can pick up and drop off after school. I can be there anytime rain or shine they need me and they can come to the office and hang if they choose.

I am thankful that thanks to my super fab budgeting skills everything should get paid. There won't be any extra and December is questionable but I think I can squeeze by.

I am thankful for my family. Because of them (my mom especially) Joy #1 will get her yearbook and Joy #2 will get a winter coat. They were the only things I was really concerned about.

I am also thankful for spiritual growth. In the past I would just sucked it up. Live in denial, went without and pretend everything is fine. I've recognized that it is pride and even if I wind up with a part time job at Walmart that's ok. Being honest and earning a living for my family is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm not asking for a hand out. I'll work for what I have and God will provide.

And...I'm thankful for the never ending Ivy League Vest knit using finger weight yarn and small needles. This project keeps growing and the yarn barely looks touched.


leah said...

You have such a great attitude! I'm sure you are also setting a good example to your kids about how to live dependent on Him alone!

meredithr said...

I feel your pain, I am not a single mom supporting a family alone, but I think everyone (or most of us) are really rethinking what our real needs are. We are having to cut back alot and for me it is hard (I have been alittle spoiled). But like you said God will always provide. As long as you have God and family you are a rich person. See you tonight.

Wool Winder said...

This is the attitude we all should have. God is good father who knows how to give good gifts.

As a side comment, I bet that yearbook cost as much as the coat. Yearbooks are outrageously expensive these days. We used to have our kids pay for half.