Sunday, October 12, 2008

Up before 6 am

Somehow, I managed to awake before 6 am. Instead of making a lovely breakfast for my lovely family before church services, I'm online.

Saturday Recap: I managed to do some stuff on my list for the weekend. The grape jelly count is up to 21 and I have a little less than a gallon of juice left. Plenty for more jelly! I think I may have enough to start gifting. Maybe. I do plan on making one more batch and then maybe I'll feel comfortable enough with gifting. Reality says I do not need 32 pints of grape jelly but somehow my head and heart is having trouble with that message.

I knit some more. I have 16 more rows left on my Gretel hat. A lovely design. Ysolda's pattern are beautiful and very well written!

And, hmm I bought some shoes, ate some ice cream, and used my new reusable grocery bags at the grocery store.

Yep, that sums up my Saturday! I'd take pictures but it still looks like the dead of night outside. If I calculate right I can knit for 1.5 hours before I have to get ready for Bible Class. Sweet.


Debbie said...

Sweet! Doesn't it feel great when you have a productive Saturday...then you can just lounge about and knit...with no guilt!!! (well...I guess I'm talking about me here :-)

cinnamongirl93 said...

It's great to get stuff done.
We had a wedding yesterday. All I got done was shopping. We all had a nice time. This was our second wedding in 2 weeks.

Wool Winder said...

Saying no thank you to all the things you could have been doing really paid off. I think one more batch of jelly and you'll be fine with sharing. :)