Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun only knitters can have.

Top L-R:Sandra, Mary Ann, Me, Renee, Mary :Bottom L-R Colleen, & Laura

The Leavenworth Yarnies had a fabulouso time at the Yarn Harlot event. Well, I think we've decided it was more like an adventure. We started our adventure to the city with dinner. We ate at Maker's Mark which was very cool. It is in the middle of the power and light district and thanks to Mary's husband we got the chef's table. I splurged on my meal and it was very good! Striped bass stuffed with crab and some fancy sauce. Yum. We relaxed and enjoyed each other's company so much that we were a tad late for event. Oops.

We arrived at around 7:15 or 7:20pm. The Yarn Harlot was already well into her speech. She was witty and spoke with much love about herself, knitting, and the value of what we do. I really look forward to reading this book! If you look really close she is there in the photo. All blurry and yellow. I don't know why my camera couldn't take a decent picture in the hall but it couldn't. Use your imagination.

Next, it was onto the signing. We all had ordered our books and tickets separately so we were in the signing line at different times. Here's my ticket. Do you see...do you see...

I had ticket #1. Out of ALL those knitters I was the first. Not that we stood in line by number or anything. But I was so excited to be the first person in KC to purchase her book from the event. I felt like I had the golden ticket from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory! Which is nuts because the ticket really didn't mean anything except that I was in the first group. I guess it's like being number one to comment on her blog.

We all got our books signed and she told me that she loved my Clapotis. I didn't say anything special or tell her how much I love her blog or anything. I just said hi. I should have rehearsed something witty ahead of time.

Then we hung out and visited with other knitters. Admired all the lovely handknits and try to recognize people off of Ravelry. Met up with Sue who came all the way from Oklahoma City by herself. That's a great knitter right there!

It was a great time. I really enjoyed an evening out on the town with my knitting peeps. They are great ladies and I'm glad I was able to see the Yarn Harlot with them. If I didn't have them I wouldn't have eaten a great meal, at an exclusive table. Or looked like a maniac running around a parking garage looking for the car. Or navigate to the event while loosing half the caravan we had. Or listen trying not to laugh while 3 people tried to tell Laura how to get back on track to the event via cell phone. Or enjoy their company and conversation while listening to a knitting icon. Things are so much better when you share them and even better when you share them with knitters.

PS)Bloglines hates me. It hasn't recognized my blog in over a week. I hear I'm not the only one.


leah said...

What fun! I wish I had been there, but it sounds like the perfect evening!

Debbie said...

That DOES sound like fun..and I have to ask...what yarn did you use for your clapotis?
Hmm Maybe I should creep your ravelry page before asking :-)

Don't worry...google reader still loves your blog :-D

cinnamongirl93 said...

Sounds like a great time! You look fantastic with your clappy! Beautiful! It's great to get out every once in a while.
I've been having trouble with google reader too!

Ellen said...

This looks like so much fun! Your Clap is great, I love seeing all the handknits!

Wool Winder said...

I think it was great that you got to go with a big group of knitters. That made it all the more fun!