Thursday, October 2, 2008

What up?

I have been very good at staying on task at work. I think I just needed to "put it out there" for no one but myself to get motivated. Nothing like a little confessing to cleanse the soul.

{This is not a staged photo. Jaeda opened The river cottage family cookbook and started looking}

In spring, I find myself asking why did I waste all those good weekends in the fall? I should of been working in the yard and getting it under control! Well, now I know. There are tons of stuff to do in the fall. We get invitations to all kinds of neat things and every charity or organization I belong to has some major fall fundraiser that I attend. Last weekend I had several things I was invited to. All really cool and fun but I skipped them all. I told myself that I had things at home I wanted to finish and when I was done I'd go hang out. By the time I finished the jelly and a few other things I didn't want to go anywhere so I didn't. I'm taking notes and plan on doing the same thing this weekend. I really want to work on my lot that is overgrown and needs lots of tending to. I'm allergic to everything on it but I think I will feel so much better when it is cleaned up.
The twins on Saturday

I also want to harvest the rest of my basil and get the gardens pruned out a bit. I've also been kicking the idea of planting a couple apple trees. Now is the time if I'm going to do it. And plan a few more raised beds. (are my incomplete sentences driving you nuts yet?)

So much to do but such worthwhile stuff.

As for the knitting. My Ivy League Vest is still coming along. I'm am at the neck decreases, while continuing the bust shaping, and paying attention to the armholes that are coming up. So much going on at one time! It is challenging but I love it. I will not be able to take it to knit night though so I'll start something new. Mittens for my niece! Oh and did I tell you that I will be going to see the Yarn Harlot in 2 weeks?!? I think our whole knitting group is going now!

I think that is it. I have successfully emptied my brain. Have a happy Thursday.


Wool Winder said...

You're making excellent progress on the vest!

Ellen said...

The vest is looking fantastic! I'm really impressed by the homemade grape jelly in your previous post too. :)

leah said...

I'm glad your work plan is going so well! it is so hard to keep everything balanced!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your vest is looking fantastic! What an awesome project. I'm sure it keeps your attention.

Debbie said...

Wowweee Zowee you're moving quickly on that vest! It's going to look great on you..I betcha the colours will be just perfect for you.

I love your incomplete. Sentences, it reminds me of the way. That I write :-P

The garden "putting away" is one of my hopeful tasks this weekend. I'm not sure if it will get done...but I'm hopeful.