Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How about a little contest

How about some more Yarn Harlot pictures? These were taken by CurliSue. Stephanie asked if she was my paparazzi. Funny!
And this guy made my day when he politely interrupted our chit chat to find out what kind of yarn I knit my clapotis in. He was featured on the Yarn Harolt's post about KC too. He was so nice. Are we all nice? Surely there are crazies that are apart of our group too. I wish I knew what his ravelry tag said. BTW- I used knit picks shimmer tripled. Turquoise Splendor.

Back at the homestead...the other day I put all the jars of jelly on the dining room table to snap a picture. They are still there but I have noticed that every day they are arranged differently. They were in a circular pattern Monday evening and last night they were in a three dimensional eight shape display. I think I'm going to leave them out just to see what they will be next. I suspect Joy #2.
So since I have managed to talk about grape jelly in just about every post for the past 2 weeks I'm going offer a little contest. You all deserve something for me going on and on! Comment on this post, only this post by Friday to enter. I'll randomly draw a name and the prize will be a pint of Jennifer's amazing grape jelly and a skein of KnitPicks shimmer in Turquoise Splendor (plus a little left over from the clapotis project). Enter to win! Tell all your friends or not. It may increase your chances of winning.


leah said...

It would be fun to taste your grape jelly! It has definitely peaked my interest!

Theresa said...

Looks like fun. I got to see her once a few years, but no one ever comes to San Diego.

Wool Winder said...

Have you tried cropping the photo to read the Ravelry tag? I'd love to win a pint of jelly and some pretty yarn.

MeredithR said...

Yea! A contest. I would love to try your jelly. Can't wait.

Debbie said...

Randomly Pick Me! Randomly Pick Me! Randomly Pick Me! Randomly Pick Me!
Hehehe, I've been drooling over your grape jelly since you first started blogging about it....Have I told you that grape is my favourite..oh...and purple is my favourite colour! :-D
(yes. I'm immature)

ikkinlala said...

I looks like you had a great time!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Love the pictures with the Harlot!
Please enter me in your cool contest. I would love to try your jelly!

Ellen said...

Ooo, fun contest! By the way, the photos are great!