Friday, October 10, 2008

No thank you.

This weekend I could be doing lots! Fall festivals, ice cream socials, downtown fun. But I've not committed to anything this weekend. Not. one. thing.

The past 2 weekends I've bowed out of a lot. Social, civic, and just plain fun events. I've bowed out because I don't want to be so busy doing, that I don't get done things that I'd like to do at home. Last fall, I fell into this trap. (ha read that sentence again, last fall...i fell...into this trap. I crack myself up!) This fall I'm hoarding my time and actually being productive around the homestead. The yard is in pretty good shape. More to do but I'm leaps ahead of last year.

So this weekend I'm thinking...

  • more grape jelly
  • pumpkin butter
  • apple pie
  • clean floors
  • clean bedrooms
  • lounging
  • knitting
  • planning my Yarn Harlot outfit

And if I get all that done then I may wander out of my own space and enjoy the cool stuff going on.

On a random note (as if I had a topic)I scored a futon for Joy #2's bedroom off of Craigslist. $40 and get this. The people selling the futon live 2 blocks from me!

I hope you enjoy your weekend too!


cinnamongirl93 said...

I know what you mean. This weekend we have a wedding for our nephew. The weather is just beautiful. I want to be outdoors!
I did the bathrooms and floors already. The dust bunnies tried to pull me under the bed! LOL!
Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Debbie said...

That sounds like a good weekend plan!
I've been trying to minimize my commitments...and actually feel like I'm at home sometimes :-)
Let me know how that second batch grape jelly turns out :-)