Monday, October 20, 2008

My weekend summed up

  • The Liberty church of Christ hosted a wonderful weekend. Their theme was Fruit of the Spirit: Gotta catch them all. A play on words from Pokemon. Great lessons, classes, and singing. And those kids are so much fun!
  • I stayed at a members house by myself. Well, the host couple was there but, other than that just me. I slept so well!! And get this, they had house guests earlier in the week. They had come up from MO to see the Yarn Harlot. Crazy!
  • I ventured off to a yarn shop Old Mill Stitchery.I picked up a skein of Noro 1/2 price and some grey Cascade 220. I plan on making my nephew a Turn the Square hat. This will be my first time with both these yarns. I'm hoping to have enough left to make Joy #2 one too.
  • Did a little knitting but wound up going with some ladies to the goodwill. Actually that took awhile because we used Stephanie's GPS and hit every thrift shop in a 20 miles radius. It was fun but can you believe I didn't find anything? GPS are cool.
  • Finished one baby hat and a few rows on the Ivy League Vest.
  • I chaperoned 9 kids and they were all perfect. I didn't even have to tell anyone to please stop horsing around in the church building. This was also Joy #2's first "official" youth rally. He has been attending with us for 4 years and now he is "of age" to really be apart of it all.


cinnamongirl93 said...

I would enjoy seeing pictures of your FO's!
Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I bet the teaching on the fruit of the spirit was life changing! That scripture is so powerful.

Wool Winder said...

Half price Noro is a great find!

leah said...

Sounds fun!